Convicted Criminal Accused With Possessing Firefighter’s Murder Weapon

On Thursday, an off-duty fireman from Kansas City, Missouri, was shot and killed outside a convenience store in Independence, and a man was arrested for reportedly being in possession of the gun used in the murder.

Anthony Santi, age 41, lost his life in the tragedy.

Convicted criminal accused with possessing firefighter's murder weapon
Convicted criminal accused with possessing firefighter’s murder weapon

It has been reported that 23-year-old Ja’Von Taylor was charged with one count of being a felon in possession of a handgun in federal court. He has a history of armed robbery convictions in Missouri.

As shown by an affidavit, Taylor was not the one who had been blamed for the shooting.

According to the Liquor Land convenience shop’s proprietor, the altercation began when Taylor grew irate because the business did not have the cigars he had come in looking for.

According to reports, Taylor got into an argument with a shop employee, who eventually asked him to leave.

Santi was making a delivery to the convenience store at the time of the altercation. Both Santi and Taylor were asked to leave the shop.

Video surveillance showed Taylor and Santi squabbling over a firearm.

A female participant in the fight attempted to remove Santi from the situation. The weapon was thrown to the floor, and Santi was reportedly holding Taylor’s head down with a head lock.

Video surveillance showed revealed the lady had used the pistol to shoot Santi in the back. Following the incident, Taylor and the lady drove away.

The lady returned and was arrested while police were still investigating the site.

A police representative for the city of Independence informed KSHB 41 News that the lady has been freed awaiting the outcome of the investigation.

Neither Taylor nor the lady have been formally charged by authorities in connection with Santi’s death.



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