15-year-old Charged With R*pe in Wyoming High School Locker Room

A 15-year-old was charged with r*pe after a sexual attack and hazing were said to have happened at Wyoming High School last week. Gross sexual abuse charges have been brought against two other 15-year-olds.

The three teens went to court Friday morning in Hamilton County Juvenile Court. They are all also accused of bullying and kidnapping. Hazing is a small crime. The other charges are all for serious crimes.

The victim and the other three teens are all students at Wyoming High School, according to prosecutor Chris Feldhaus.

Feldhaus said that the teens pulled the victim into the locker room four times as he tried to get away. Inside, he said, they beat up the victim.

Feldhaus said the attack happened on April 28 after school during a sports practice. He called it a “aggressive act of cruelty,” and a security camera caught the parts that happened outside the locker room.

A Wyoming police report says that unnamed kids told a coach what had happened. The report says that the coach told Wyoming’s athletic director, Matt Weber. Weber then told the cops.

A lawyer for the teens said that all of them rejected the charges that were brought against them. The lawyer said that none of the teens have ever been in trouble with the youth court before.

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Almost All of the Teens’ Parents Went to Court

All of the teens’ parents either went to court or watched the case through Zoom. The judge, Latoya Maley, asked how each child was doing in school. Two parents said that their kids had been sent home. Another person said an officer told him his son had been kicked out of school.

The parents said that they were supposed to meet with school officials on Friday morning, but that meeting was at the same time as the hearing.

Magistrate Maley let two of the teens go home with their parents after putting GPS tracking devices on them. Maley said that the kid accused of r*pe should be locked up until the case moves forward. Maley told all the kids to stay away from the person who was hurt.

Because the teens are so young, the Enquirer won’t name them.

Wyoming City Schools said in a statement on Monday, “We are fully helping the police with their investigation, and we are also doing our own investigation at school.”

After the hearings on Friday, the Enquirer asked the school district for more details. It didn’t answer right away to those requests.

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