Several Other Swimmers Are Saved When a 15-year-old Drowns at Sandy Hook Beach

On Sunday, a 15-year-old boy drowned while at least four others were sent to the hospital with injuries sustained at Sandy Hook Beach. Those who witnessed the catastrophe are traumatized, and the family they left behind is in despair.

The beach where the drowning occurred was not patrolled by lifeguards and had no swimming restrictions. “I saw them floating down. They were drifting. I didn’t know there was trouble until they got over here,” said Marie Macera.

Those who were there witnessed the worried crowd gather and the first responders enter the building. “People jumped in the water, took three of them out. And then there was one missing that they couldn’t get,” said Luis Sanchez

As rescuers worked to free the first group of adolescents from the water, onlookers heard a mother sobbing that she couldn’t find her son, who was 15 at the time, among the waves. And then someone saw him.

The news is confirmed by the tweet that follows:

“They all made a line with their hands to try to extend to get this kid to pull him out – but he had to be there a long time,” Macera said. “They pulled him out, they started giving him CPR, and they couldn’t get him back,” added Sanchez.

There were five persons rushed to the hospital, but the adolescent was pronounced dead upon arrival. After a terrible summer last year, regulars at Sandy Hook Beach say it stings to start the new season this way. “They were all up and down the shore because people don’t listen and the rip current is so bad,” said Deborah.

“When it’s windy. The weather is like this – you get rip tides, and you can easily drown,” Sanchez said. Macera also claims he wasn’t planning on swimming but decided to take a quick dip out of curiosity, just like the rest of Sanchez’s family.

“Even at that, I was feeling pulled,” she said. The conditions of the other four young kids who were rescued from the water are now unknown.

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