15-year-old Girl Shot And Killed In South Jackson Intersection Identified

15-year-old Girl Shot And Killed In South Jackson Intersection Identified: The body of a young woman, who had been shot and killed earlier that evening in South Jackson, was discovered on the intersection of Meadow Lane and McCluer Road.

A little before six o’clock in the evening, officers from the Jackson Police Department responded to reports and discovered a dead corpse lying in the middle of the junction.

According to the findings of the investigation conducted by the Hinds County Coroner Sharon Grisham-Stewart, the deceased was identified as Snamaya Anderson, who was 15 years old.

More than a half dozen gunshots were said to have been heard by witnesses.

After hearing gunshots, one witness who did not wish to be identified claimed she looked out of her house and saw a man on foot going west on McCluer. The witness stated she did not see the suspect.

She reported that it seemed as though he was shooting at random while he ran. Around the woman who had been shot, a large group of people quickly began to gather. After thereafter, the shooter changed directions and started running east while firing at the people who had gathered in the area.

The witness stated that the perpetrator of the shooting was then put into a vehicle and driven away.

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