$15000 Reward Offered For Information In Beating Death Of Father Of Six

Chicago, IL (CBS) After a father was fatally beaten to death on his birthday a few weeks ago in Chicago’s Greater Grand Crossing neighborhood, a South Side family is still asking for any information.

On Saturday morning, Crime Stoppers sent posters to some of the neighborhood’s residents, requesting information about the brutal beating of the father who was returning home to spend time with his family.

Cook County Crime Stoppers are looking for the person who beat Stephen Strode, 59, severely on December 10 in the area of Marquette and Wabash.

According to George McDade, chairman of Cook County Crime Stoppers, “to physically beat someone to death, think of the wrath built up inside of you, and that you’re kicking and beating them to the point of submission and then beyond.”

Strode, a six-year-old father, was going to meet his family. Canaan Strode, his son, was one of many who made an effort to contact him.

He said, “We were intending to go bowling, but for some reason, we just couldn’t get in touch with him.”

A dark automobile is seen in surveillance footage approaching Strode on Marquette from behind.

McDade opined, “Probably what we think was an accident happened. He stopped to inspect his car, another car drew up behind him, and a fight broke out.

When police arrived at the scene of an EMS call, they saw Strode suffering from numerous wounds as he lay on the ground behind his car. 19 days after being admitted to the University of Chicago Hospital, he passed away.

Canaan Strode replied, “I want to wake up and see my father, but I cannot do that.

Crime Stoppers and the family are offering a $15,000 cash prize in the hopes that someone will come forward.

McDade declared, “We need their information, not their name.

Canaan Strode replied, “You’re not just hurting this one guy; you’re hurting all of us.

For 60 days, the cash reward is valid, according to Crime Stoppers.

Call an anonymous tip line at 1-800-535-STOP if you have information but don’t want to give your name or any other personal information.

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