$15k Reward Offered After 7-year-old Boy Killed By Stray Gunfire In Home

After a young kid, age 7, was shot and died in Humboldt Park, a reward has been established for information leading to an arrest and conviction.

Akeem Briscoe, a second-grader from Humboldt Park, was shot in the stomach by a stray gunshot as he was getting ready for bed on Wednesday night.

$15k Reward Offered After 7-year-old Boy Killed By Stray Gunfire In Home
$15k Reward Offered After 7-year-old Boy Killed By Stray Gunfire In Home

After gunshots erupted in the alley in the 2600 block of West Potomac Avenue, police said a stray bullet pierced a window of the boy’s home.

A family member informed police that the youngster was in the bathroom when a gunshot entered the room via the window and wounded him. Police have stated that they do not believe anyone inside the house was the intended target of the incident.

In the presence of his mother and two siblings, Akeem was shot and killed.

A young boy of seven is “man, he didn’t get an opportunity to live life yet, you know,” Akeem’s aunt Terribia Misters stated, “He’s got brothers, sisters, and recently buried his dad Saturday.”

Akeem’s father reportedly passed away due to health reasons.

According to the family’s friend Charles Wu, “this is just really awful.” “They’re honest people who work hard and want to make a better life for them and everything,” Wu continued.

People have been stopping by the house to begin a memorial, and the family is appealing to the public for assistance in identifying the perpetrators.

“Do the right thing and surrender, dude, if you’ve got a soul or anything living inside your body. It should tell you something that he was well-liked by many people “I’m going to quote the misters here.

Any information that helps solve this case may earn you a reward of up to $15,000. The mayor is interested in the case, so police are looking into it.

Mayor Lori Lightfoot stated, “This did not occur in a vacuum.” “Somewhere inside the range of my voice, there are people who already know the truth. You need to step up now.”

The principal of Newberry Math and Science Academy predicted that this tragedy would prompt a wide range of reactions and inquiries among the student body. On Friday, the school has announced that grief counselors would be accessible.

The crisis management team at CPS is coordinating help for the district’s children and employees.

So far this year, 298 children have been shot and 41 have died in Chicago, according to data compiled by ABC7.


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