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16-year-old Fights Mother to Prevent Sibling From Drowning After 2nd Sister Dead

16-year-old Fights Mother to Prevent Sibling From Drowning After 2nd Sister Dead

16-year-old Fights Mother to Prevent Sibling From Drowning After 2nd Sister Dead

A sheriff said that a mother drowned one of her daughters in their South Carolina home and was trying to kill the other one when the screams of the oldest daughter woke her up and she saved her sister.

Beaufort County Sheriff P.J. Tanner said at a news conference that 37-year-old Jamie Bradley Brun was charged with murder and attempted murder after the attack early Friday morning in their home on St. Helena Island.

Brun has talked to the police, and Tanner said it was a horrible crime, but he wouldn’t tell the media why Brun wanted to kill her children.

“I don’t know much about mental health.” The sheriff said, “It’s not my job to figure out if someone has a mental health problem.”

Brun’s 16-year-old daughter was sleeping when her 8-year-old sister’s screams woke her up at 1:30 a.m. on Friday. The sheriff wouldn’t say how the mother was trying to kill her child, but he did say that the girl’s cries were coming from the bathroom.

The tweet below confirms the news:

Tanner said that the girl went into the bathroom and got her sister away from her mother. She then ran to a relative’s house nearby to call 911.

“I’m so happy for her. I think that she did a great job. “When no one else was there, she stood up for her family,” Tanner said. “I admire her courage.”

Investigators say that deputies found Brun and her 6-year-old daughter eight minutes later. The girl was later declared dead at the hospital after officers and paramedics tried CPR but couldn’t save her life.

Tanner said that when Brun was being held, she tried to grab a deputy’s gun, so she was shocked with a Taser.

Brun was being kept in jail without a bond. There was no way to tell if she had a lawyer from the jail or court papers.

The 8-year-old didn’t look like she was hurt too badly, and the sheriff said that she and her older sister are being taken care of by other family members.

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Tanner said that Brun had never been arrested in South Carolina and that the police had only been called to the house once, about two years ago, because a school worker was worried about one of the children’s mental health.

“We have a lot more information and know a lot more details, but we can’t share them right now,” Tanner said.

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