16-year-old Found Dead On Monday Was Likely Killed Days Earlier

The 16-year-old girl’s family believes she was killed days earlier in a shooting that took her boyfriend to the hospital. She was discovered dead on Monday morning.

The body of Tayanna Manuel was found outside an apartment building on Monday morning in Denver’s 4900 block of North Salida Street. That is close to Pena Boulevard and 60th Avenue.

The girl’s mother, Pamela Jackson, told 9Wants to Know on Tuesday that she thinks her daughter was killed in a gunshot on Friday night.

Jackson remarked on her front porch, surrounded by relatives, “We’ve just been trying to go through this as much as we could and as much as we can just to find out answers.” “All I want is for these people who hurt my daughter to be found out. Just plain and simple, the weight is intolerable.

The gray Honda CRV with the pink Auto Nation dealer plate on the front and the license plate CNE-I47 on the back is being sought by Denver police.

The last time Jackson’s daughter was seen was late on Thursday night.

She claims the family was unaware she was with him when her daughter’s boyfriend was shot on Friday in the 4600 block of Kittredge Street. In that shooting, Manuel’s boyfriend was hurt, and he was still hospitalized on Tuesday.

The family reported Manuel missing to Denver police on Saturday morning, Christmas Eve when she still hadn’t arrived home.

According to Jackson, whoever killed her daughter’s boyfriend appeared to have taken hold of Manuel’s body, driven it to an apartment complex five miles away, and dumped it there.

Jackson expressed doubt about how seriously the police regarded the allegation and claimed she thought her daughter was treated as a runaway.

“Drop everything — she’s 16 years old — and assist this mom find her child,” Jackson added. “My daughter was 16 and that should have been a red signal.”

Denver police stated in a statement to 9NEWS that the case was given to both the unit that deals with exploited and missing people and the team that looks into assaults, shootings, and guns “to obtain information that can help identify the victim as quickly as possible.”

The Dock Ellis Foundation got involved on Christmas Day. They are a national group that aids families when a person of color goes missing or encounters sex trafficking or domestic violence.

“We immediately went into overdrive the moment the narrative was relayed to us because it did not sound right,” said Jasmine Lee, the group’s chief executive officer. “I believe we received the phone call at approximately 9 a.m. Christmas Day, or perhaps earlier than that.

But despite the efforts of their detectives and the family’s searches, Manuel was nowhere to be located until her body was discovered on Monday morning.

Regarding her daughter, Jackson remarked, “She was a great person.” She simply cherished life. She was joyful, and playful, and loved to play with her sisters. She was simply a joyful child. She had a genuinely lovely soul and would give you the clothes off her back if you needed it, and I just don’t understand why this happened to her the way it did. And I’m just in such distress.

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