Texas Authorities Discover 17 Migrants Dead After Being Confined in a Railroad Car

Uvalde County, Texas police reported Friday that two migrants were killed and at least a dozen others were injured when they became trapped in a train car. According to Uvalde Mayor Don McLaughlin’s interview with ABC News, 17 people were inside the shipping container.

There were two fatalities, five people were taken to San Antonio via life flight, and seven others were taken away in ambulances. Three migrants were “okay,” the mayor added.

At about 3:50 p.m. local time, an “unknown third-party caller” reported that many immigrants were “suffocating” inside the train, according to a statement made by Uvalde police on Facebook. The train was halted by the U.S. Border Patrol about three miles from Knippa, Texas.

17 Migrants Found Trapped in Train Car
17 Migrants Found Trapped in Train Car

Uvalde police have stated that they do not know the current status of the hospitalized patients. A source told ABC News that the event did not include a derailment. The event is currently being looked into by DPS agents in Texas.

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Border Patrol agents who reacted and Homeland Security Investigations personnel who assisted the investigation were thanked in a tweet posted by Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas on Friday night.

“We are heartbroken to learn of yet another tragic incident of migrants taking the dangerous journey,” Mayorkas said.

He added, “We will work with the Uvalde County Sheriff’s Office to hold those responsible. Smugglers are callous and only care about making a profit.”

As McLaughlin put it: “This is happening daily somewhere along the southern border; if it’s not my town, it’s another one or our county. That’s just how it is down here, every day. Between Uvalde and Sabinal, the highway was closed but reopened late Friday. This stretch of road is adjacent to railroad tracks in the area.

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