18 Children, Driver Hurt In Kentucky Bus Collision, Authorities Say

The bus carrying 18 kids and its driver collided early Monday in eastern Kentucky, causing “various degrees of injury,” according to a school official.

Magoffin County Superintendent Chris Meadows announced in a statement that there were no confirmed deaths.

According to the Kentucky Department of Education, these learners include the ages of 5 and up to those in their senior year of high school.

18 Children, Driver Hurt In Kentucky Bus Collision, Authorities Say
18 Children, Driver Hurt In Kentucky Bus Collision, Authorities Say

A representative for the county has previously said that the driver and 21 kids, some of whom were in severe condition, were taken to the hospital. According to Meadows, the mix-up occurred because there were duplicate names on the first list of casualties.

According to Meadows, the wounded were transported to hospitals by helicopter and ambulance.

According to Kentucky State Police spokesperson Paul Blanton, the incident only involved the bus. According to him, the driver gave the impression of being evasive when questioned.

A spokesman for the state education department said that the bus “left the highway” to the east of Salyersville, the county seat.

A spokeswoman for the Kentucky State Police stated during a press conference on Monday that preliminary information suggests the vehicle drove over an embankment.

Meadows said that it seemed as if the bus had flipped over and come to rest on its side.

Magoffin County Fire Chief Paul Howard stated that in order to get the kids up the slope, rescuers had to use ropes and Stokes baskets.

He added that when he arrived, several of the kids were already on top of the hill.

Magoffin County Executive Judge Matt Wireman stated, “an location that has been earmarked for the potential of putting up a guardrail,” but water and sewage infrastructure beneath the road has made that difficult.

When asked whether the district plans to revisit the state’s seat belt restrictions, Meadows responded, “When it comes to student safety, everything’s on the table.”

Wireman said that when a student called 911 to report the collision, other neighboring counties provided assistance to the lone dispatcher on duty.

We had an all-call today, and people from other counties came to assist our kids; I can’t thank them enough.

Reports on the wounded were not updated by officials during the press conference.


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