19-year-old Was Killed In A Shooting That Took Place At Nordstrom In The Mall Of America

Police reported that a 19-year-old male was slain on Friday night in a shooting inside a business in Bloomington, Minnesota’s Mall of America.

According to Police Chief Booker Hodges, the victim, whose identity has not been made public, was shot following a brawl that took place on the first floor of Nordstrom.

The argument, which happened between two groups of five to nine people, was caught on the mall security camera. Hodges claimed that a man pulled a gun during the altercation and shot the victim many times. It was unknown what sparked the altercation. After the shooting, a group of five to seven persons, according to him, rushed out of a door, and as of late Friday, no one had been arrested.

Hodges urged anyone involved to come forward and voiced his anger with the circumstance.

He declared, “This is a tragedy, and I’m really trying to restrain how I truly feel about it but believe that we’re going to find these criminals.

He remarked that while the victim’s family “had to bury one of their loved ones,” he had them in his thoughts.

Hodges stated, “They’re in anguish, and rightly so, for something that shouldn’t have happened.

The mall was put on lockdown just before 8 o’clock due to the gunshot. At 10:10 p.m., the mall tweeted that the lockdown had ended.

It happened on the day before Christmas Eve when stores were busy. Hodges reported that 16 cops were present in the mall on Friday, one of whom heard gunshots close to the Nordstrom store.

Although a bullet grazed a bystander’s clothing, no additional injuries were mentioned, according to Hodges.

According to NBC station KARE, the mall, which opened in 1992, experimented with putting metal detectors at some of its gates earlier this year. The mall then informed the station that it was investigating different security system configurations “that may allow us to further enhance” them.

Three shots were fired earlier this year by a man in front of a mall business, according to the station.

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