2 And 3 Years Old Nevada Sisters Are Killed After Aunt Crashes Car Into Tree

2 And 3 Years Old Nevada Sisters Are Killed After Aunt Crashes Car Into Tree: Several news sources claim that a woman in Nevada split a bottle of tequila with a friend before jumping behind the wheel of a van and swerving out of control, killing her two young nieces and critically hurting her sister.

According to a police report cited by FoxNews, KaLeah Manning, 23, was driving while intoxicated on December 11 in Las Vegas when she missed a turn and hit a palm tree.

Police claim that Rose Wilmer, 2, and Taylor Wilmer, 3, were not using the age-appropriate car seats that are required by law, but rather adult seatbelts in the rear of their aunt’s 2004 Honda Odyssey, while their mother, Raenysha Washington, 25, was seated in the front passenger seat.

Taylor passed away at a hospital where Manning and Washington, who are sisters, were also transported for treatment of critical wounds, according to NBC15. Rose died instantaneously. Taylor passed away.

A request for additional information from PEOPLE was not immediately answered by the North Las Vegas Police Department.

According to the outlet, Manning “smelled like booze and had slurred speech and bloodshot eyes.” Her blood alcohol level was apparently more than double the legal limit, according to a test.

Police claim that Washington was also intoxicated at the time of the collision, though it was unclear at the time if she was also subjected to a BAC test.

According to the Las Vegas Review-Journal, the toddlers’ father, 22-year-old Tavon Wilmer, described his daughters as “beautiful, brilliant children” and said the accident was “something that should never have happened.”

According to the site, Manning is accused of three counts of DUI that resulted in serious bodily harm or death, two instances of child neglect/endangerment that resulted in death, and other traffic-related offenses. Washington is accused of killing a child by neglecting or endangering them on two separate occasions.

On December 20, Manning showed up in court when her sister was still in the hospital. If the women had pleaded, it wasn’t immediately evident.

According to Fox5 Vegas, the couple’s attorney, Dan Winder, said he will petition for their release and that they are grieving the death of the infants and do not have a lengthy criminal history.

The inquiry is ongoing.

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