Death of a Dirt-bike Rider in Northeast Bartow in March Prompts Two Arrests

On Tuesday, the Polk County Sheriff’s Office said that two suspects wanted in connection with the March shooting death of a dirt-bike rider in northeastern Bartow had been captured in Delaware. The Sheriff’s Office announced the arrests of Wesley Vazquez Andino, 28, and Adriana Oyola Del Valle, 30, on warrants out of Polk County in a press release and news conference on Tuesday.

On Monday, they were extradited back to Polk County, where a grand jury had already indicted them. First-degree murder charges have been brought against Vazquez Andino, with Oyola Del Valle being charged as an accessory. On March 26th, a shooting occurred in the Gordon Heights area, which is located south of the Bartow airport.

Benjamin Mason III, 34, of Bartow, was severely injured when sheriff’s deputies responded to a complaint about a motorbike collision. He was sent to a local hospital, but he didn’t make it. However, medical personnel found a bullet wound.

2 Arrested in Fatal March Shooting
2 Arrested in Fatal March Shooting

A bullet penetrated his lower back, traversed his diaphragm and lung, and finally exited his body through his kidney.

Judd stated that Mason was on a family dirt bike at the time of the shooting. Mason “was the ultimate victim in the wrong place at the wrong time and ran into some exceptionally evil people,” Polk County Sheriff Grady Judd stated at a news conference on Tuesday.

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Judd claims that Oyola Del Valle disclosed to a PCSO investigator that she had attempted to buy a dirt bike on Facebook Marketplace and had even given a $100 deposit to the vendors. Judd claimed that she called the sellers again, told them she changed her mind about buying the property and asked for a refund.

He claimed the vendors, who were 15 and 19, would not return her initial payment. “She kept calling them several times during the day, so they blocked her,” Judd said. He claimed that Oyola Del Valle and Vazquez Andino visited the area and mistook Mason, who was riding a dirt bike, for one of the dealers.

According to Judd, they informed Mason they didn’t want the bike and wanted their $100 back, but since he was confused, he rode away. According to Judd, Vazquez Andino got out of the car, fired one shot, and then ran away.

According to the Sheriff’s Office, Oyola Del Valle also claimed that her three children were in the Jeep when it was shot at. According to the Sheriff’s Office, witnesses saw a blue Jeep driven by a small Hispanic male.

Using this clue, police located the couple’s shared Lakeland residence on Chestnut Woods Drive, but the couple had already fled. According to the Sheriff’s Office, the couple was followed to a house in Wilmington, Delaware, where a relative of Oyola Del Valle lives.

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