2 California Correctional Officers Are Alleged To Have Sex Acts With Children

In the past week, two state correctional officers from California who work in prisons in Folsom were arrested on allegations of committing sex crimes against children.

The alleged victims were inmates. An officer at the California State Prison in Sacramento named Matthew Leavens, who is 36 years old, was taken into custody on Monday and charged with six counts of various offenses.

According to the information that was provided by a spokeswoman for the Sacramento County District Attorney’s Office in an email, Shelly Orio, three of the counts were for sexual intercourse with a minor, additional count were for oral copulation, and additional counts were for the victim being “unconscious of the nature of the act.”

All of the charges were brought against the defendant. According to the information that can be found on the website of the Sacramento County Sheriff’s Office, Leavens was released from the Sacramento County Main Jail on Monday, and his arraignment was set to take place on Wednesday evening.

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According to an email sent out by spokeswoman Vicky Waters, he tendered his resignation from the department of prisons on Wednesday.

On November 18, 2018, Matthew Solem, 43 years old, a lieutenant at Folsom State Prison, was taken into custody. Solem was charged with multiple felonies for allegedly engaging in sexual conduct with minors under the age of 14. According to Waters, Solem is currently out on parole from the penitentiary.

On the website of the Sacramento County Sheriff’s Office, he was shown to be ineligible for bail when he was detained at the Sacramento County Main Jail.

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