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Two Men Have Been Charged With Murder Following the Fatal Shooting at Kansas City!

2 Charged in Kansas City Shooting

Court documents released on Tuesday detail the homicide charges against two men who, last week, opened fire after an argument broke out following the Kansas City Chiefs’ Super Bowl parade. The men were complete strangers, and the documents state that they drew weapons within seconds of beginning to argue.

Lyndell Mays, of Raytown, Missouri, and Dominic Miller, of Kansas City, Missouri, have been charged with second-degree murder and numerous weapons counts in the shooting that left one person dead and approximately twenty others injured, according to prosecutors from Missouri who announced the charges at a news conference.

It was during the altercation that both men were shot, as stated in the probable cause affidavits. Prosecutor Jean Peters Baker of Jackson County announced during a news conference that both individuals have been hospitalized since.

It all started when two factions got angry because, according to police affidavits, they thought the other faction was staring at them. The other group was approached aggressively by Mays and someone else, according to surveillance footage.

Even though there were a lot of people around, including kids, the video showed that Mays was the one who started shooting first, according to one of the affidavits. Authorities were informed by Mays that “he hesitated shooting because he knew there were kids there,” as stated in the affidavit.

For his part, he informed authorities that he opened fire after hearing one of the other groups say, “I’m going to get you,” which he interpreted as a threat to his life. His story, according to the affidavit, is that he picked a random member of the opposing group to shoot while they were fleeing.

The first thing that Miller said to the investigators was that he and his companions ran away when they heard gunshots and that he was shot in the back, according to one affidavit. Miller confessed to shooting four or five shots after investigators showed him footage showing him pursuing and shooting someone in Mays’ group, according to the affidavit.

Lisa Lopez-Galvan was fatally shot on Tuesday, according to authorities. Miller was the shooter. As per one of the affidavits, Lopez-Galvan was part of the crowd that was observing the Chiefs rally located nearby.

Nobody could be found in the online court records who could speak for the men. Kansas City has not yet received applications for public defenders for the men, according to the Missouri State Public Defender’s Office.

A potential relative of Miller did not immediately return messages left with them. Mays’ relatives’ phone numbers could not be located by the Associated Press. Though the exact ages of the two men were not disclosed by the authorities, Miller is 18 or 19 years old and Mays is in his early 20s, according to court records.

Last week, two minors were apprehended by the authorities on charges of resisting arrest and involvement with firearms. More charges could be brought forward, they said on Tuesday.

We intend to ensure that each gunman is accounted for for what they did on that fateful day. Please hear me out on this. “Yes, each and every one,” Peters Baker declared. “Thus, when it comes to every single person, we are not yet there, but we will be.”

Unfortunately, the joyous occasion that had drawn an estimated one million people to the city on February 14 was cut short by the tragic shooting outside of Union Station, the historic train station. Even though 800 police officers were out and about at the party, it still happened. According to the police, the injured individuals’ ages vary between eight and forty-seven.

Mother of two and presenter of a local radio show named “Taste of Tejano,” the murdered woman was named Lopez-Galvan. Following Tuesday’s announcement, her family released a statement saying, “It is reassuring for our family and the entire community to know that this joint team effort has resulted in the identification of the suspects involved.”

That shooting was the most recent in the United States to occur at a sporting event. Following the Denver Nuggets’ NBA title last year, a shooting left multiple people wounded.

That made Kansas City Mayor Quinton Lucas question if the city should reevaluate its championship celebrations, despite his previous vow to keep celebrating the city’s victories. Whatever Lucas said, next month’s St. Patrick’s Day procession will be held as planned.

A city that has long battled gun violence and a state with lax gun laws both contributed to the tragic shooting in Kansas City. The U.S. Justice Department targeted nine cities in 2020, including Kansas City, to reduce violent crime. An all-time high of 182 homicides—the vast majority of which involved firearms—occurred in the city in 2023.

In the aftermath of heated and emotionally charged debate, the Republican-led House of Missouri voted Monday to outlaw citywide celebration gunfire. The bill will next be considered by the Senate of Missouri. In the past, this kind of legislation was part of a larger crime-related package that GOP Gov. Mike Parson vetoed due to concerns with other parts.

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