2 Died In An Apparent Murder-suicide At A Jehovah’s Witness Hall In Colorado

After what authorities determined to be a murder-suicide incident on Christmas morning, two adult victims were discovered dead at the Jehovah’s Witnesses Kingdom Hall in Thornton, Colorado. Both victims were located inside the building.

On Sunday morning at about nine o’clock, an adult male who has not been recognized is thought to have shot his wife before turning the gun on himself. According to the police, the suburb of Denver was home to a number of individuals who had previously been associated with the sect.

In a news release that was shared on Twitter by the Thornton Police Department, the department expressed its regret at having to provide the following information “on a day that has historically been associated with joy, family, and fun.”

“The investigation is still ongoing; witnesses are being questioned, and the crime scene is being looked over. There are currently no identified dangers facing the Thornton community.”

The agency stated that the Adams County Sheriff’s Office Hazardous Material Unit is conducting an investigation into a suspicious device that was discovered at the scene.

Fox News 31 in Denver was told by witnesses that shots were fired from a gun in the parking lot of the hall early on Sunday morning. According to The Guardian, the suspect also tossed a molotov cocktail inside the building, which caused an explosion and started a fire.

The fire prompted the initial call for first responders to be dispatched.

On Sundays, Kingdom Hall hosts three different services for its attendees.

An internal note to the congregation that was obtained with Fox 31 stated, “Dear friends, the meeting that was scheduled for today will be held on Zoom owing to a horrible occurrence that occurred at the Kingdom Hall this morning.”

“There are multiple reports appearing in the media at the moment, but we do not have access to all of the relevant facts. Please be assured that the local Bodies of Elders will be attending to the requirements of the Congregations who have been impacted by this.”

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