2 Kids Murdered By Pit Bull, Mom Hospitalized

A Tennessee mother of two is in stable condition after she tried to save her children from her two pit bulls on Wednesday but was attacked and severely bitten in the process.

In Shelby County, Tennessee, Kirstie Jane Bennard, 30, was attacked by the dogs while attempting to save her 5-month-old son Hollace Dean and 2-year-old daughter Lilly Jane.

2 Kids Murdered By Pit Bull, Mom Hospitalized
2 Kids Murdered By Pit Bull, Mom Hospitalized


According to a Twitter tweet published by the Shelby County Sheriff’s Office, both children were declared deceased at the scene.

Jeff Gibson, the uncle of husband Colby Bennard, said on Facebook that although Bennard’s health is stable, the mother has a “uncountable number of stitches and bite marks over her whole body, including her face.”

Gibson said that the sad occurrence lasted for around 10 minutes, but he does not know the specifics of what happened or why the animals turned hostile.

Bennard’s “arms and legs are bandaged/wrapped up entirely,” as Gibson put it.

Another member of the family said, “At this time, it seems like there is no lasting harm other than a heart that will never mend.”

Kelsey Canfield, Bennard’s closest friend, told Fox News Digital that the couple’s cats, Cheech and Mia, have lived with them for almost eight years without causing any trouble.

“To say that I am at a loss for words and my heart is and has been hurting since I found out is an understatement,” said friend Stephanie Chipman on Facebook.

Simply stunned, here. Praying so very so hard for the good Lord to hold you and your family close and help you navigate your way through this. Here for you always and love you so much!”



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