2 Men Are Arrested In Hollywood For Attempting To Murder

As a result of a gunshot in Hollywood, two males are currently being held in custody. The Hollywood Police Department was called to a shooting on Christmas Eve at about two in the morning on North 72 Avenue. The incident occurred in front of a residence.

Both a male and a female were injured by gunfire, and both were transported to Memorial Regional Hospital for medical care, as reported by the police.

Both of the victims had been shot; the female victim had wounds on the left side of her neck, while the male victim had wounds on his body as well as his wrist.

Frances Bharose was taken into arrest on the 27th of December by investigators from the Hollywood Police Department and US Marshals.

A second-degree murder attempt and aggravated battery with a deadly weapon are the charges that have been brought against Bharose.

Shemar Dookie was taken into custody on the 29th of December by detectives from the Hollywood Police Department and US Marshals.

Dookie was charged with both aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and carrying a firearm without a license after the incident. It is anticipated that both individuals will survive the injuries they sustained.

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