2 Suspects Arrested Confess to 10 Burglaries Around the Puget Sound Region, Others Are at Large

Centralia police have arrested two suspects who have admitted to conducting 10 burglaries across Washington, but two others are still at large. Centralia police said in a statement on Saturday that they were investigating a number of thefts throughout the city and the surrounding Puget Sound area up to Renton in which thieves took money from businesses’ cash machines and ATMs.

The initial break-in occurred in the 600 block of North Tower Avenue in Centralia. Some of the robberies caught on camera revealed that the perpetrators had pistols. A business owner outside of Centralia allegedly confronted the burglars, prompting them to pull a gun on him.

Two of the robbers’ cars, as well as many stolen vehicles, were identified by officers in Centralia, providing a break in the investigation. The Centralia region was a suspected target since police expected the gang to strike again.

2 People Captured by Police Admit to 10 Burglaries

On Saturday at 1:19 AM, police in Centralia responded to the 600 Block of North Tower Avenue in response to a burglary alarm. Minutes after arriving, officers spotted four suspects leaving the building via the rear exit and driving away in a vehicle.

An officer used a Pursuit Intervention Technique (PIT) move to halt the group’s car because of Washington state’s strict chase regulations. The four passengers jumped out of the car and took off running in various directions. The police reported that two suspects were taken into custody right away while the other two managed to get away.

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A Renton lady, 29, and a Seattle male, 32, were taken into custody by the police. They both admitted to committing about ten burglaries. In addition, they admitted using firearms in at least one of the robberies. The man and woman were arrested and sent to the Lewis County Prison to await trial on multiple felony counts that will be filed in other jurisdictions.

The two who escaped have not been located, but police say they have been recognized and will be sought out. Two firearms and a mountain of evidence were discovered in their vehicle by the police.

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