22-Year-Old Woman’s Boyfriend Arrested For Her Dismemberment In NYC Apartment Baggage

The boyfriend of a lady who was found dismembered in her apartment in New York City with her body parts stuffed into two suitcases has been arrested in connection with her gruesome death. The woman was 22 years old.

According to the announcement made by the District Attorney for the borough of Brooklyn, Justin Williams, age 24, was taken into custody on Monday and charged on charges of second-degree murder and concealing of a human corpse.

On September 21, the skeletal remains of his girlfriend, D’Asia Johnson, who was 22 years old, were discovered in her apartment on Linwood Avenue in East New York. Officers were summoned to her sixth-floor apartment for a wellness check, and while there, they discovered her bones in two suitcases.

After finishing his shift on August 21, Johnson went home, and according to Gonzalez, he “never again left the residence.”

According to the findings of the inquiry, Williams, who had been dating Johnson for a number of years, stabbed her nine times early on the morning of August 22. He reportedly stabbed her in the front of her chest five times and in the back four times.

After that, he allegedly dismembered her body and hid the pieces of her in the two luggage, according to the authorities. Also, read about Notti Osama Death

“He allegedly resided in the apartment for a month and used towels and cleaning products to mask the smell,” the district attorney’s statement said.

Williams is accused of fleeing the flat after a health check by building employees who got concerned after they hadn’t seen Johnson for some time. They became concerned because it had been some time since they had seen Johnson. The staff of the building contacted the authorities.

Williams was taken into custody immediately after his appearance on Monday and is scheduled to appear in court once again on January 25.

Should he be found guilty, he could be sentenced to as much as 25 years in prison.

NBC News has reached out to the attorney mentioned on his profile for comment.

“This defendant is accused of the horrific murder and dismemberment of his former girlfriend. While we can’t erase the tragic and cruel death of D’Asia Johnson, we are fully committed to bringing this defendant to justice,” Gonzalez said in a statement. “I hope that this prosecution brings a measure of solace to D’Asia’s family and friends.”

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