26-year-old Charged With Murdering Couple Who Went Missing After A Walk

New Hampshire officials have revealed that a 26-year-old man has been charged with murder in the shooting deaths of a couple out on a stroll.

A 67-year-old man named Stephen Reid and his 66-year-old wife named Djeswende were discovered in a “wooded region” near the Broken Ground Trails in Concord, New Hampshire. The state’s Department of Justice said in a press statement that autopsies would establish the cause of death to be “several gunshot wounds” and the manner of death to be murder.

26-year-old Charged With Murdering Couple Who Went Missing After A Walk
26-year-old Charged With Murdering Couple Who Went Missing After A Walk

On April 17, 2022, in Concord, Logan Levar Clegg, 26, was arrested and charged with two counts of second-degree murder “for knowingly causing the deaths of Stephen and Djeswende Reid by shooting them multiple times,” according to a statement released by Attorney General John M. Formella and Concord Police Chief Bradley Osgood on Wednesday.

Authorities in Vermont apprehended Clegg “as a fugitive from justice on the New Hampshire murder allegations” after executing a warrant issued for his arrest.

On October 12, Clegg was arrested for what turned out to be unrelated charges, and since then he has been incarcerated at Vermont’s Northwest State Correctional Facility.

On October 20, at his arraignment, New Hampshire authorities will ask that he be transferred to their state.

The murders in Concord, New Hampshire are currently under investigation by police.

The Concord Police Department was contacted, but no one got back to them right away.

On Oct. 13, the New Hampshire Department of Justice said that the previous day, following “extensive investigation efforts,” one individual of interest had been detained in the case; however, Clegg’s name was not mentioned.

The Utah Department of Justice announced, “The person of interest was brought into jail on an unrelated warrant out of Utah.”

On the 13th of October, the South Burlington Police Department in Vermont issued a similar announcement through Twitter, saying that Clegg was a person of interest “in an unsolved killing.”

It said that his arrest in Utah “is connected to a felony possession of stolen items case for which he is on probation.” The police agency said that the warrant was originally issued the year before.

PEOPLE’s request for response from the SBPD went unanswered for some time.

Clegg may have hired an attorney to speak on his behalf, but it is unclear who that is. The Vermont Supreme Court apparently rejected bail hearing appeals submitted by Clegg’s lawyers, as reported by WMUR, a local news station. As it turned out, a Superior Court judge did decide to grant Clegg a hearing.

According to the publication, the authorities said that he had been on the run for 15 months before booking a flight to Germany, from where he was scheduled to depart two days after his capture.

According to the DOJ, Stephen and Djeswende Reid left their Alton Woods apartment at about 2:30 p.m. on April 18 “strolled to the vicinity of the Broken Ground Trails. Friends and relatives lost contact with them after that.”

The Concord Police Department said that two days later, Stephen and Djeswende were reported missing by a relative when they failed to appear for an event. They were last seen by family and friends on Easter Sunday, April 17, and their final contact with the Reids was the following day. Before their deaths were found, police stated in a statement that the couple’s vehicles had been parked in their normal positions at the apartment complex.

Hailey Cantwell, who moved into the area two months after the bodies were discovered, told WMUR, “You never really expect that kind of thing to happen, and my grandmother’s lived in this complex my entire life, so thinking of a couple that I might have seen over the years being killed was really freaky.”

According to Cantwell, “you’ll stroll through this neighbourhood and folks will wave to you chat to you,” and “normally people would come out from their apartments simply to say hey.”

Ed Leifeld, a neighbor in the area, told the news outlet, “If my wife walks the trails, I’ll go with her, but then I’ll be worried because I’m 74.”

Cantwell expressed her desire for “closure” for the victims’ families with Clegg’s arrest.


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