Fort Bend County Human Trafficking Undercover Operation Results in 29 Arrests

In an undercover operation against human trafficking that began in January, approximately two dozen males were apprehended in Fort Bend County. The Human Trafficking Rescue Alliance and the Fort Bend District Attorney’s Office worked together on the initiative.

Fort Bend County District Attorney Brian Middleton announced at a press conference on Monday that after a three-day investigation from January 24-27, he had arrested and charged 29 male “s*x buyers” who maintain the market for human trafficking.

Undercover police officers posing as customers at a massage parlor were able to apprehend the criminals. The DA’s office claims the males made s*xual services offers in exchange for cash.

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29 Arrests in Fort Bend county
29 Arrests in Fort Bend county

As per Reports Of,

“What was kind of unique about this operation is that we used a storefront that had been previously shut down by our county attorney,” Middleton said. “We set up this store front and we conducted this undercover operation, and we will continue to conduct operations to maintain safety in our community.”

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