3 Arrested After Shooting A 17-year-old Girl Dead And Leaving Her In Denver Alley

According to Denver police, three persons have been detained in relation to the murder of a 17-year-old girl last spring.

Jasmine Rivas-Hernandez was discovered shot to death in an alleyway on March 26 in the city’s Montclair district. A police affidavit sent to The Post described how her legs had been discovered crossed at the ankles and fastened with a pair of white headphones.

Police detained Robert Adam Solano, 34, Joseph Thomas Chavez, 26, and Shiloh Fresquez, 21, for their alleged roles in the teen’s death about ten months after the incident.

According to the documents, police were able to identify the group after discovering Chavez’s DNA in a stolen truck that was seen travelling down the alley by surveillance footage hours before Jasmine was discovered. Police said they also discovered blood from Jasmine in the vehicle.

According to their cellphone records, Fresquez and Solano, a couple, were nearby at the time of the murder and together.

The accusations suggest that Solano may have been the one to fire the shot. Of the three, he was the only one to face first-degree murder charges.

When Denver police filed arrest warrants on Tuesday, Solano and Chavez were already in detention on other offences. Chavez was charged with first-degree murder accessory to crime and mistreatment of a corpse.

According to the authorities, Fresquez was detained earlier this month for her involvement in the slaying. The Denver District Attorney’s Office has accused her of trying to influence a public official and being an accessory to a first-degree murder felony.

Police have not yet given a reason for the murder.

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