3 Dead In Paris Kurdish Center Shooting, Suspect Arrested

3 Dead In Paris Kurdish Center Shooting: PARIS — Three people were killed and three others were injured in an attack on a Kurdish cultural center in a busy Paris area on Friday, according to authorities. The suspect, age 69, was injured and taken into custody.

The suspect had recently been freed from prison after attacking migrants who were living in tents, according to the Paris prosecutor, and authorities are looking into the possibility that the shooting may have had a racist motivation.

A few hours after the shooting, clashes broke out in the area as Kurdish community members yelled anti-Turkish government chants and police used tear gas to disperse the agitated gathering. A few trash cans caught fire.

As Gerald Darmanin, the interior minister was speaking to reporters nearby, tensions arose. The assailant was obviously going after foreigners, but according to Darmanin, there is yet no proof that he was expressly planning to harm Kurds. Friday night, Darmanin will conduct a special meeting to discuss threats against the Kurdish population in France.

Members of the Kurdish community in Paris who were shocked by the massacre claimed that police had just alerted them to threats against Kurdish targets, and they demanded justice.

The attack, which occurred while Paris is bustling with holiday activities before the Christmas weekend, severely alarmed locals and business owners nearby.

The shooting took place at a Kurdish cultural center, as well as a nearby restaurant and hair salon, according to Alexandra Cordebard, the mayor of the 10th arrondissement.

As she spoke, a group of people nearby screamed “Erdogan, terrorist” and “Turkish state, assassin” in reference to Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

A nearby construction worker saw the attacker proceed to the cultural center, the restaurant, and then the hairdresser in that order. According to the construction worker who spoke to The Associated Press, he observed the attacker damage three individuals before being stopped by two bystanders.

The employee, who spoke anonymously out of concern for his safety, described the assailant as being silent and composed while brandishing a small-caliber revolver.

Fire department medical personnel are at the scene of a shooting that happened in Paris on Friday.

In the 10th arrondissement of the French capital, close to the Gare de l’Est railway station, on a bustling street with stores and restaurants, police blocked off the area.

Three victims of the gunshot have died, one is in critical condition, and two others are being treated in hospitals for less serious wounds, according to Paris Prosecutor Laure Beccuau. According to her, the attacker also sustained facial injuries.

Despite being in touch with investigators, she claimed that anti-terrorism prosecutors have not yet shown any evidence of a terrorist motive.

The attack on migrants in tents in eastern Paris in 2021 and a recent conviction in another instance in a Paris neighborhood, according to the prosecutor, were two of the suspect’s at least two earlier run-ins with the law. She didn’t go into specifics about either situation.

According to Darmanin, the assailant used a shooting range at a sports club and owned many registered guns. The assailant is French, and according to him, he was not associated with any extreme-right or other political organizations and was not on any watch lists for radicalism.

Yann Manzi of the assistance organization Utopia 54 stated that during the attack on the migrants, the suspect brandished a saber and injured a few persons in a temporary camp.

Both he and the Kurds who had gathered at the scene of the shooting on Friday bemoaned the suspect’s recent release.

The activist Murat Roni told The Associated, “We do not at all feel safe in Paris.” “We don’t feel that the French legal system is protecting us,” It is obvious that the Kurds were the target.

He compared the cultural center to the Kurdish embassy in Paris, describing it as “a house where all Kurds get together” and a space for political dialogue and artistic events.

Three female Kurdish activists were found shot to death in 2013 at a Kurdish center in Paris, one of them was Sakine Cansiz, the PKK’s founder. Although the Turkish secret service was under suspicion, a Turkish citizen was charged with their murder.

Additional arrests are made in Turkey in relation to the horrific bombing of the WORLD
More people are detained in Turkey in relation to the horrific bombing

The Turkish army has been engaged in combat with PKK-affiliated Kurdish insurgents in both northern Iraq and southeast Turkey. The Turkish military has also lately carried out a number of artillery and airstrikes against terrorist Syrian Kurdish targets in northern Syria. Since 1984, the PKK has commanded an armed insurgency against the Turkish state; it is regarded as a terrorist organisation in Turkey, Europe, and the United States.

Following a wave of violent assaults by Islamic extremists in 2015–2016, France is still on high alert for acts of terrorism.

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