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3 Deputies Shot In Dodge City Officer-involved Incident, One Of Two Suspects Killed

3 Deputies Shot In Dodge City Officer-involved Incident

3 Deputies Shot In Dodge City Officer-involved Incident

According to the Kansas Bureau of Investigation, an event that occurred in Ford County on Monday resulted in the shooting of three deputies and the bite of a Highway Patrol trooper.

According to reports, the incident started in Clark County, which is located just south of Ford County. According to the KBI, a blue pickup truck was spotted by Clark County officers traveling through Minneola, roughly 25 miles south of Dodge City.

Because it matched the description of a car used in a double killing that occurred in Phoenix, Arizona, on Sunday, the pickup caught attention. Deputies attempted to conduct a traffic stop, but the two people inside the truck ran, prompting deputies and troopers to pursue them.

As soon as the truck stopped in Dodge City, there was a shooting between at least one driver and Ford County and Clark County deputies. Leroy Malone, a 39-year-old suspect from Phoenix, was shot at least twice and was declared dead at the scene.

The driver, a woman who is not yet identified, was struck at least twice as well and was rushed with critical wounds to Wesley Medical Center in Wichita.

Deputies from Ford County were shot twice. One suffered significant injuries and was transferred to an undisclosed Wichita hospital. The other was freed on Monday after receiving treatment for shrapnel wounds at an undisclosed local hospital.

After being shot twice, a deputy for Clark County was rushed seriously injured to an unnamed Wichita hospital. The trooper was bitten by a police K-9, taken to an unidentified hospital, underwent surgery, and is now doing well.

The Ford County Attorney’s Office will analyze the findings and may choose to file charges as a result of the “thorough and independent” inquiry, according to the KBI.

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