3 Killed In Drifting Firefight As Unlawful Street Takeovers ‘Traumatize City’

Several unlawful drifting activities took place overnight in Chicago, resulting in three deaths and two injuries and a gunfight early on Sunday morning in Brighton Park.

Southwest Side Police Cmdr. Don Jerome told reporters that officers had been watching security footage of a “huge automobile caravan” with 100 cars and individuals drifting at the intersection of Archer and Kedzie avenues.

3 Killed In Drifting Firefight As Unlawful Street Takeovers 'Traumatize City'
3 Killed In Drifting Firefight As Unlawful Street Takeovers ‘Traumatize City’

Around 4 a.m., he said, the police gunfire detection system recorded at least 13 gunshots when cops reacted to the scene.

“People [were] hitting the ground,” Jerome remarked, referring to the video feed from police monitoring the situation.

According to Jerome, there were a total of five shooters in the incident. He stated three of them, all guys aged 15 to 20, were members of rival gangs and were shot down.

He also said that two additional guys, aged 19 and 21, were hospitalized and classified in severe condition, but were considered to have a good chance of survival.

The police were still on the lookout for the shooter(s), Jerome stated. He said that no weapons were found at the site.

At the northeast corner of the crossroads, next to an auto insurance company, police cordoned off two automobiles after the gunfire. Blood had dried into two pools on the pavement.

According to Jerome, the incident occurred at one of numerous automobile caravans that police were keeping an eye on throughout the night in Chicago. He said that just the caravan at Archer and Kedzie became aggressive.

As the year has progressed, the number of illegal drifting events in Chicago has increased. Law enforcement and drivers involved in the summer’s illegal drifting events clashed. In response, city authorities enacted a law that allows police to seize drivers’ vehicles and issue fines of up to $10,000.

Even Nevertheless, Johnny Castro, proprietor of the Monterrey Bakery on Archer Avenue, claims that the unlawful “takeovers” have occurred every weekend for the previous several weeks in Brighton Park.

On both Friday and Saturday nights, “it’s been an issue,” he claimed. He stated that two weeks before, police had shut off the same crossing in an effort to disrupt another caravan.

Castro expressed doubt that law enforcement would be able to prevent future takeovers given how commonplace they had become. Like, what can you do?” he questioned.

Councilman Raymond Lopez (15th) claimed the city isn’t doing enough to stop the automobile caravans after the shooting on Sunday. He stated, “It’s upsetting the city and we’re not doing anything proactive about it.”

Following a shooting rampage in Chicago on Sunday, October 23, 2022, Chicago Police Cmdr. Don Jerome addresses the media.
Commander Don Jerome of the Chicago Police Department briefs the media after three people were killed in a gunfight on Sunday morning in Brighton Park.
Police tweet from Tom Ahern/Chicago
Lopez, a mayoral candidate, has called the city’s regulations on drifting “passive.” He recommended that law enforcement investigate the social media accounts that were used to publicize the drifting incidents.

Lopez said the shootout on Sunday occurred when rival gang members were at the street takeover and had a disagreement. Lopez predicted that “we’ll continue to have hazardous climaxes” like Sunday’s since gang members were present at the event.

Lopez said that hundreds of motorists obstructing the crossroads made it difficult for police to respond to these takeovers. He emphasized that even if police were there, they would be unable to do anything to prevent casualties.

This year has seen a rise in drifting takeovers around the nation, with disastrous results in Los Angeles and Portland. But the gunfight of Brighton Park on Sunday may have been the first drifting takeover in Chicago to end in violence this year.

During the September festivities for Mexican Independence Day, two persons were injured in gunshots near the Loop congestion; nevertheless, these incidents were unrelated to Chicago’s roving scene.

The number of murders in Brighton Park has increased since last year. Sun-Times data shows that twelve individuals have been slain in the region so far this year, which is two higher than at this time last year.

Mr. Manny Ramos contributed to this.

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