3 More Accused After Union County High School Senior Prank Damages Property

Three more people have been charged in connection with a senior prank at a Union County high school last week.

Cameron Pope, 18, Jacob Garay, 18, and Mark Aponte, 19, were taken early Monday morning, according to deputies. They were charged with felony computer damage and injury to personal property. All three of them were given $5,000 bonds.

The charges came from a senior joke at Sun Valley High School that caused damage worth tens of thousands of dollars. Investigators say that on the night of May 18, electricity and computer equipment were broken.

The tweet below verifies the news:

Union County sheriff’s officers say they are increasing their patrols of school grounds to keep them from being vandalized again.

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“Once again, we’d like to ask parents to talk to their kids and teens about making smart choices as the school year winds down,” cops said.

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