3 Shot, 1 Dead in Covington Neighborhood Where Corpse Found

A triple shooting in Covington has put people on edge.

Investigators say they found a man who had been shot dead in a parked car on Woodcreek Court, which is in a quiet neighborhood.

They think that two other people who were shot got to the hospital in private cars.

Monday at 3:27 p.m., the first call came from Piedmont Newton Hospital.

Officials say that a man came in with gunshot wounds that were very serious.

Then, the police were led to a car that had been left on Woodcreek Court, where they found the body of another man.

His Wife Didn’t Know She Was Seeing a Crime Happen

Earl Payne says that early that morning, his wife called 911 to report a black-tinted car that looked suspicious parked in front of their house.

Payne said, “She saw a strange black car with blacked-out windows so you couldn’t see inside.” “It was parked on the street across from where we live. It just looked wrong.”

Payne says that a white SUV pulled up right next to the car a short time later.

The tweet below confirms the news:

Payne said, “They all jumped in and took off at full speed.”

His wife didn’t know she was seeing a crime happen.

“We got three different crime scenes so investigators are diligently working trying to figure out where all three of them are, who is involved, and who the shooters are,” said Sgt. Jack Redflinger of the Newton County Sheriff’s Office.

Investigators think that all of the people who were killed were men in their twenties.

“It freaked my wife out,” Payne said. “It freaked me out. My granddaughter won’t even come out and talk to you because it scared her to death.”

Police say that a third man with gunshot wounds went to Northside Hospital Gwinnett hours after the first 911 call.

Investigators say they think the victim may have had something to do with this shooting.

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