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3 SWAT Cops Shot Serving Warrant; Suspect Killed

3 SWAT Cops Shot Serving Warrant; Suspect Killed

3 SWAT Cops Shot Serving Warrant; Suspect Killed

On Wednesday morning in North Philadelphia, gunshots broke out as SWAT officers were attempting to serve an arrest warrant, wounding three officers and killing one suspect.

The incident occurred around 6:30 in the morning on the 800 block of N. 10th Street, close to Brown Street.

3 SWAT Cops Shot Serving Warrant; Suspect Killed

A man wanted for murder and other heinous crimes was being served with an arrest warrant. Raheem Lee, 19, was named as the suspect by police sources.

The cops said that Lee fired at them from a door and a window.

Police were able to “continue breaching the property” and “taking on more gunfire from this man,” as Deputy Commissioner John Stanford put it.

At that point, the police began taking fire. Two police officers were injured; one in the hip and one in the leg.

A gunshot ricocheted off the vest of a third cop and struck him in the upper chest. It appears the bullet only bruised him rather than entering his body.

The suspect then allegedly tried to leave around the back of the property, where SWAT officers were waiting, and opened fire on them.

Six police officers opened fire on the criminal, wounding him in the head.

Lee was pronounced dead at Temple University Hospital just after 7:30 in the morning.

It has been reported to Action News that one of the injured officers drove himself and his colleague directly down 10th Street to Jefferson Hospital.

He was overheard stating, “Let them know I’m shot in the hip, my partner is shot in the leg,” over the police radio.

Both officers who were shot have now been released from the hospital; one was hit in the chest and the other in the hip. The officer who was hit in the hip was apparently sent home with the bullet remaining within him. The doctors will wait for the swelling to subside before attempting to remove it.

The police officer who was shot in the leg is still in the hospital. The officer was shot in the leg and is being held overnight for observation, according to the police.

According to murder unit sources, Lee was wanted in connection with a homicide that took place at around 2:46 a.m. on Sunday, August 21, in the 2600 block of West Berks Street.

At that location, a 34-year-old man was discovered inside a Range Rover with gunshot wounds to the neck. This tragic event claimed the life of Theodore Bell, who lived in the 10800 block of Keswick Road.

We hear that Bell fathered Lee’s sister’s child.

Lee had been suspected of several armed robberies and was wanted by the police.

Stanford referred to the excessive amount of gun violence in Philadelphia and said, “enough.”

‘There are too many individuals out here carrying firearms and they don’t have consequences,’ he said, adding, ‘there isn’t a day that goes by that we don’t either have a child that is shot, or many people shot. It’s necessary to put “certain people” behind bars.

He said, “This is not normal; it should not be happening.” It’s unfortunate that we’ve come to accept this as the standard; it’s not, and that’s what worries us.

Stanford highlighted that the suspected shooter on Wednesday was only 19 years old.

It wasn’t anything that happened today, he continued; “something has been broken in this young man’s life for a long time.”

There were other police officers who came to Jefferson Hospital to see how the injured SWAT men were doing.

According to Mayor Jim Kenney, the police are awake and conversing, and they are surrounded by their loved ones.

Kenney remarked, “Our officers continue to work every single day and every single night, to work their hardest, to be brave, to put themselves in harm’s way, and to do that for us.”

Police Chiefs from throughout the country are gathering in Dallas for a conference, and Commissioner Danielle Outlaw, who is also in attendance, issued a statement condemning acts of violence against police.

“While our SWAT personnel are highly-trained professionals, this is yet again another chilling reminder of the dangers associated in the work they do. Warrant serving is usually a high-risk duty; particularly when the suspect is wanted in relation to serious crime,” she stated.

“But I want to be clear about something: it is not our police officers’ responsibility to be shot at. They are not required to take physical punishment, such as being punched, kicked, spat on, or otherwise assaulted. And we can’t let attacks on police officers — or anyone else — become the norm “I’ll continue, she said. As your Police Commissioner, I can assure you that the Philadelphia Police Department will not be deterred in its efforts to make the city of Philadelphia a more secure place to live.

the Fifth Lodge of the Fraternal Order of Police As president, John McNesby expresses his displeasure at the fact that a suspect in a murder and armed robbery case was free to roam the streets.

“Those responsible are not held responsible. Not a single person is responsible for anything. And they are free to do what they choose, even firing shots at police, residents, and even children, without fear of retaliation. They are not being made to answer for their actions, “What he had to say was.


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