3 Teenagers Achieved 123 Mph In A Stolen Maserati Before Crashing Fatally

Video from the scene of a fatal Florida car collision shows a Maserati that had been hijacked by three youths reaching speeds of 123 miles per hour before flipping and plowing into a business sign.

After stealing an unlocked 2016 sports car in St. Petersburg early on Sunday, the youths (none of whom had a valid driver’s license) tried to shake Pinellas County sheriff’s officers while they were being followed by a police helicopter.

3 Teenagers Achieved 123 Mph In A Stolen Maserati Before Crashing Fatally

Helicopter video released on Tuesday indicates that when two police SUVs attempted to stop over the stolen automobile at 3:20 a.m., 15-year-old driver Keondrick Lang pushed the pedal to the metal, prompting a sergeant to urge the deputies to “back off.”

Sheriff Bob Gualtieri reportedly told reporters, “And then the driver of the automobile… he punches it,” during a live feed of the press conference. The sergeant came on the radio and ordered the deputies to disengage, and as he was punching it and taking off, the deputies promptly turned off their overheads.

The sheriff’s cars slow to 35 mph, but the Maserati speeds up to an impossible clip that the teen driver can’t maintain. Within a short distance, the Maserati does a fishtail, leaps a curb, and crashes into a storefront sign.

The video shows the automobile flipping over and the sign and car debris flying in all directions as the car comes to rest upside down with its frame twisted in the center.
15-year-old front-seat passenger Mario Bonilla perished in the collision. Both Lang, the driver, and Malachi Daniels, the 16-year-old passenger, were taken to the hospital following the incident, with Lang clinging to life.

Subsequently, police discovered a 25-caliber semiautomatic firearm in the vehicle, which the sheriff described as a “crime gun” that had been traded and resold on the streets since its last formal paperwork in 1968.

Even while “none of them had any criminal history,” “what becomes evident is that these kids were out doing a whole variety of awful things — they simply hadn’t been caught,” Gualtieri added.

Authorities claim that a helicopter was flying above when the theft and subsequent pursuit were recorded. The sheriff said the three teenagers were seen by a police aircraft after they were behaving suspiciously in an otherwise peaceful neighborhood.

According to the authorities, the three ran away from their families somewhere between Saturday night and Sunday morning.

In the clip, Lang can be seen putting on a glove before opening Maserati’s door, which is located in a driveway next to the road. Some passengers get in, and the video shows that Lang drives the car across some grass and onto 62nd Avenue without turning on its lights.

Within a minute and a half, the deputies take off, and the automobile smashes 19 seconds after the police stop pursuing.

While formal charges have yet to be filed, the sheriff has said that if someone is murdered in the commission of a criminal, as seems to be the case here, then Lang might be held accountable for third-degree felony murder.

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