39-year-old Mother And Her 8-year-old Son Were Victims Of The Terrible Tornado In Alabama

According to reports, the individuals killed in the tornado that ripped through Montgomery County early on Wednesday morning were a 39-year-old mother and her 8-year-old son.

A tree collapsed on a mobile home on Williams Drive in the Flatwood neighborhood, just north of Montgomery, killing Chiquita Broadnax, 39, and her son Cedric Tell, 8, according to ABC News on Wednesday night.

The family informed the publication that Cedric’s father, Cedric Lamar Tell, was hospitalized due to storm-related injuries.

The coroner for Montgomery County could not be reached right away to corroborate the information.

According to the National Weather Service’s first report, the tornado had speeds of 115 mph and was classified as an EF-2.

Other people in the neighborhood had been hurt, according to Christine Thornton, director of the Montgomery County Emergency Management Agency. By Wednesday morning, search-and-rescue teams had checked all the nearby homes. The impacted residents will have a place to stay at Union Academy Baptist Church, 4748 Lower Wetumpka Road, according to the sheriff’s office.

As of late Wednesday morning, Thornton told Fox Weather, they did not yet know the precise number of injured people.

“It appears as though a little community has vanished off the face of the earth. When you glance across the field on your way to work and realize that there were homes there the day before, the thought is very heartbreaking. And they won’t be there when you leave for work this morning, Thornton told the network.

On Lower Wetumpka Road, close to the destruction, a shelter was being set up on Wednesday for residents who had been displaced by the hurricane.

Pastor Marcus Boyd declared, “We’re in this for the long run.”

Boyd claimed that Flatwood is a well-knit neighborhood with members who go to his church as well as numerous others close by. Boyd predicted that the populace would recover.

Boyd predicted that they would become closer because they were already cooperating.

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