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‘A Car is Not a Toy’: 4 De@d After High-speed Cr@sh on I-96 in Detroit

_4 De@d After High-speed Cr@sh

4 De@d After High-speed Cr@sh

Sunday night in Detroit, four young guys were killed in a high-speed cr@sh on Interstate 96. “It’s unbearable. It’s not something I want to look at,” Magdalene Hughes said. “At first I didn’t believe it.”

Magdalene is one of many who are grieving the loss of her grandson, 20-year-old Kharle Hughes, who was k!lled in a car accident on Interstate 5 near Schaefer. According to the Michigan State Police, eyewitnesses reported seeing the driver speeding prior to the incident.

“My thing was really how does this happen? Who was he with? Who was driving?” Magdalene said. “He had gotten away from me. I really don’t know that much about his friends, who he was running with.”

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The driver, age 21, and two passengers, ages 22 and 25, perished in the acc!dent. “I raised him. He stayed with me the biggest portion of his life,” Magdalene said of Kharle. “He was at the point where he was trying to go to a trade school or something and do something better.”

Kharle has a daughter who is 1 years old. Magdalena wishes that others can draw wisdom from her mishap. “A car is not a toy. A car should be treated with respect because a car will take you, boom, just like that,” she said.

The police are looking into whether or not alcohol played a role in the collision. After the @utopsies are completed, more details will become available.

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