4 Killed In A Thanksgiving Day Crash On I-44 Near Springfield, Missouri

Two drivers and two passengers were killed in a three-vehicle collision on I-44 close to Springfield, which is being looked into by the Missouri Highway Patrol.

In one car, fatalities included the driver Joshua Wamsley, 33, of Springfield, and Danielle Dillman, 36, also of Springfield. In another car, the drivers Patrick Holloway, 44, and Shandrea Hollway, 44, both from Republic, Missouri, perished. The infant who was riding in Holloway’s car had moderate injuries.

Around 10 p.m. on Thanksgiving, authorities were called to the collision two miles west of Springfield. According to the authorities, Wamsley’s vehicle rear-ended another vehicle, which set off a series of events. According to investigators, Wamsley lost control and struck Holloway’s car directly in the westbound lanes.

According to troopers, no one was hurt in the car that was rear-ended during the collision.

This was a tragic accident, according to Missouri State Highway Patrol Sergeant Mike McClure.

For Troop D this year, these four deaths bring the total to 126, according to Sgt. McClure. “This is quite unfortunate because we truly hoped we wouldn’t have any.”

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A one-year-old was the sole survivor in Holloway’s vehicle.

Two were pronounced dead at the site, and two others were transferred and later confirmed dead at the hospital, according to Sgt. McClure.

According to the police, only the Holloway family and the infant were buckled up while Wamsley and Dillman were not.

They don’t know whether Wamsley was speeding, according to Sgt. McClure.

Sgt. McClure stated, “If this proves to be the case for that, we’ve got four losses of life for someone who felt the need to be in a hurry.” “Or simply not driving with any consideration.”

This was a terrible crash for a holiday, according to McClure.

Sgt. McClure stated that there was “no room to live” due to the force and impact direction alone.

The baby was in a rear-facing car seat and survived with very minor injuries, he continues. Additionally, he advised everyone to buckle up during this Christmas season and to have a plan if they want to drink.

Sgt. McClure instructed, “Go with that strategy and keep everyone secure regarding that.” If everyone followed the advice, there would be a significant decrease in injuries and fatalities caused by drunk driving.

According to a statement from Shandrea Holloway’s brother, both she and Patrick were intelligent, kind individuals who cherished their relationships with family and friends. They will be sadly missed.

According to Sergeant McClure, the crash is still under investigation, and it is unclear whether speeding or aggressive driving contributed to it.

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