4 Maine Maritime Academy Students Were Killed In A Car Accident Near Campus, All Are Identified

When their SUV smashed into a tree early on Saturday morning, one day after classes concluded for the semester, four Maine Maritime Academy students were killed and three others were hurt, according to investigators.

The catastrophic collision that happened in Castine shortly after 2 a.m. only left the driver and two other passengers, both students, alive.

According to the state medical examiner’s office, the four deceased students were named Riley Ignacio-Cameron, 20, of Aquinnah, Massachusetts; Luke Simpson, 22, of Rockport, Massachusetts; Chase Fossett, 21, of Gardiner, Maine; and Brian Kenealy, 20, of York, Maine.

The 2013 Range Rover, according to police, went off Route 166, also known as Shore Road, and collided with a tree.

Eight hours were spent with Shore Road closed after the tragic incident.

According to Shannon Moss, a state police spokesperson, the driver and two passengers were taken to the hospital to be treated for non-life-threatening wounds.

Noelle Tavares, of North Falmouth, Massachusetts, and Dominick Gecyoa, 20, of Middletown, Massachusetts, were the two survivors who were travelers.

According to authorities, the SUV’s driver at the time of the collision was Joshua Goncalves-Radding, 20, of North Babylon, New York, according to CBS Boston.

Grief counselors will be available to students, faculty, and staff, according to Maine Maritime Academy President Jerry Paul, who also served as the school’s president when the seven were students there.

“Our community is in deep sorrow over the loss of these young people and their families. Tonight, there are four families who have lost their children, even though we have lost cherished members of our student body. I kindly ask that our Maine Maritime family’s privacy and respect be maintained. Please keep these young individuals in your thoughts and prayers.

Less than a day after classes ended for the semester and before finals were set to start the next week, the horrific event happened.

About 950 students attend the public, four-year Maine Maritime Academy, which offers programs in engineering, management, science, and transportation.

In to find out what caused the collision, investigators are still working.

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