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A 4-year-old Youngster Was Lost in the Woods and Was Found Crying by Police

4-year-old Boy Lost In Woods (1)

4-year-old Boy Lost In Woods (1)

When he went missing after wandering away from home, the family’s black Lab stayed by his side, according to the police. Newly released body camera footage from New Jersey state troopers captures the dramatic moment they locate a missing 4-year-old boy in the woods.

A dog barks and a trooper runs toward the youngster in the distance at the start of the grainy video posted on Thursday. Another soldier calls out, “We’re here, buddy! I gotcha!” As the soldier lifts up the sobbing child, the child shouts out,  “I lost my shoes!” 

They’ll find his shoes, another reassures him. The youngster’s dog rushed around excitedly as the rescue occurred and then followed the troopers and the boy as they headed back home.

The youngster and his dog were reported missing from their house in Buena Vista Township, New Jersey, by the New Jersey State Police on Twitter. When asked how long the boy had been missing, police stated they wouldn’t say but said they found him the same day he was reported missing from his house.

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The stunning footage, as well as the trustworthy dog, sparked widespread excitement on social media. “That dog barked to lead them to him,” one Facebook commenter wrote. “He saved his life. I bet he never left him for a second.”

Someone else said that the youngster needed new shoes and that the dog should be given a large bone. “Maybe a years worth????” they wrote.

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