5 And 1 Year Old Girls Murdered In San Francisco Identified

5 And 1 Year Old Girls Murdered In San Francisco Identified: In court records submitted on Wednesday, the two young children who were discovered dead inside their San Francisco home were identified.

According to a criminal complaint, Paulesha Alma Green-Pulliam was charged with murder for the deaths of “Paragon A.”, who was 1 year old, and “Justice A.”, who was 5 years old.

The girls resided in the Bayview community on Navy Road. According to the prosecution, their father was the first to dial 911.

When the teenage victims’ father arrived home on the morning of December 23 and discovered them unconscious, he dialed 911, according to the prosecution’s filing.

When asked by KRON4 if Green-Pulliam was the girls’ biological mother, investigators declined to say so.

According to the criminal complaint, the murders were carried out between December 21 and December 23 with “malice and aforethought.” Uncertainty surrounds the length of time the father was absent from the house before he discovered his daughters.

Green-Pulliam, 34, appeared in court for the first time on Wednesday afternoon. The magistrate rejected issuing bail.

The killings of the girls, according to San Francisco Police Department Deputy Chief Raj Vaswani, were “absolutely terrible and is incredibly taxing on our homicide investigators.”

When police officers arrived at the horrific crime scene, they were greeted by “both parents who pointed them to the youngsters inside the home,” according to the police report. The victims, a 1-year-old girl, and a 5-year-old girl were declared dead at the scene, according to SFPD.

Detectives swiftly developed a suspicion of Green-Pulliam and took her into custody.

District Attorney Brooke Jenkins stated, “My heart hurts for this family. I extend to them my sincere sympathies and steadfast commitment to pursuing justice.

There is still no clear explanation for why newborn Paragon and 5-year-old Justice were killed.

Green-Pulliam would be sentenced to life in prison without the chance of parole if found guilty by a jury on all counts.

Phoenix Streets, her public attorney, told KRON4 that although the allegations are severe, the case is still in its early stages. I beg you all to refrain from passing judgment.

Green-Pulliam will return to the Hall of Justice at the San Francisco Superior Court on Friday to make a plea.

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