5 People Have Been Accused After A Witness Discovered A Lady Beaten And Naked In A Dog Cage In A Georgia Residence

Police said a 20-year-old woman was kidnapped and held captive in a cage until five individuals were apprehended. In response to reports of a victim of false imprisonment, the Richmond County Sheriff’s Office told WJBF investigators to go to a residence on Nellie Drive on Tuesday around 10:30 p.m.

Authorities told WJBF that while Shawna Sue Powell, 32, returned home to pick up some of his items, a witness saw the woman tied in a dog cage. He claimed that the woman was naked, brutally battered, and pleading with him for assistance.

When the witness questioned Powell about the ladies in the cage, according to WJBF, Powell allegedly responded, “That is my whore. She stole a lot of things from me, so I’m going to use her as my sex slave and pimp her out until she makes amends.

Officials were informed by the witness that he then overheard someone inside the residence say that several people were on their route to “have their way with her.”

The witness reportedly admitted to deputies that he was aware that two persons inside the house were armed and that one of the men pointed a gun at him when he first came since he didn’t know who he was, according to WJBF.

He claimed that Dawson Alexander Weston, 19, was at home and always had a gun with him.

Deputies on the exterior of the primary residence reportedly observed movement inside. The deputies made an effort to get everyone inside to exit with their hands raised. Investigators even made an effort to get in touch with Powell directly, WJBF added.

A short while later, according to WJBF, 24-year-old Demichael Rashawn Dawson, who authorities thought was armed, left the house.

Three pit bulls inside the home were let outside so the deputies could enter, according to WJBF, and Dawson reportedly told detectives that there were more individuals inside.

Deputies assumed the victim was being held in an empty cage, which they discovered when they entered the house, according to the authorities. Additionally, several areas of the house had both human and animal waste.

The victim was later discovered by detectives, according to WJBF, laying hurt and distraught on a bed in the front left bedroom of the house. She had multiple facial wounds, and her left eye was badly bruised and swollen, according to deputies.

Authorities informed WJBF that they thought the house had at least one more occupant. Before Powell left the room, they then made an effort to come to an agreement.

Powell enquired as to what was going on and revealed that she had been dozing.

Responding, SouthStar EMS took the victim to a local hospital. The dogs were taken by animal control as a response as well.

Investigators filed charges of kidnapping, false imprisonment, aggravated assault, and gun possession while committing a crime against Powell, Weston, Dawson, Anjelika Denice Figueroa, 29, and Savannah Marie Piazzi, 18.

Dawson was also accused of having a handgun in his possession as a convicted criminal, according to WJBF.

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