Suspect Tells the Truth About 5 Sh*otings in Arizona That K!lled 4 People and Hurt 1

On Sunday, police announced the arrest of a suspect in the sh*oting de@ths of four individuals in the Arizona cities of Mesa and Phoenix. Mesa police say they have arr*sted 20-year-old Iren Byers in connection with a string of sh*otings on Friday night that left three people de@d and another in the hospital.

The suspect was also suspected in a slaying that took place early on Friday in Phoenix. Police said they have enough evidence to charge the man with four counts of first-degree m*rder and one case of attempted first-degree m*rder.

The police claimed they traced shell casings from both the Mesa and Phoenix locations back to a single 9 mm handgun. Police say that the suspect was seen on security camera footage from the sh*oting scenes wearing attire consistent with witness descriptions of the shooter.

The news can be confirmed by the tweet below:

The guy was arr*sted for trespassing, but later confessed to all five sh*otings while being questioned by police. According to reports, he led police to the location of the firearm he used and the clothes he wore during the sh*otings.

The evidence was eventually located at the suspect’s home and retrieved by police. Nicholas Arnstad, 41, was the first person sh*t and k!lled in Phoenix, according to authorities. According to the police, Arnstad was found de@d beside a canal after having been sh*t.

Two men, both 41 years old, and a third man, also an adult but unknown, were k!lled in Mesa. A 36-year-old lady is in stable condition in the hospital. She has “serious injuries,” according to the police, and will need surgery soon.

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