5 Teenagers Were Arrested Following Early Morning Car Break-ins In A Hospital Parking Lot

According to the Dunwoody Police Department, five juveniles broke into a total of 16 vehicles early on Thursday morning. The vehicles were parked in a parking lot.

Peachford Hospital’s parking lot was the scene of an active automobile break-in when officers from the Dunwoody Police Department arrived. As soon as the cops arrived, the adolescents made their escape.

According to the authorities, the adolescents were eventually apprehended after they were discovered climbing the fence behind a shop.

The Brookhaven Police Department has arrived on the scene to lend assistance to their counterparts in Dunwoody Police Department with these arrests.

One of the juveniles who attempted to elude the authorities but was apprehended in the end. After being instructed to halt, this teen, according to the police, did not cooperate.

After receiving medical attention for his wounds at the hospital, he was then brought to the DeKalb County Jail to serve his sentence.

Both the Sterling Apartments and the Peachford Hospital parking lots had their vehicles stolen into.

Officers searched the youths and located various items, including two stolen weapons and multiple other items.

This is Kenneth Laster, a boy who is 17 years old.
Teneldric Boykins is a man that is 17 years old.
Quavion Black is a man that is 17 years old.
Marcus Carter is a man that is 17 years old.
Male of 15 years old with no known identity
The adult males Lester, Boykins, Black, and Carter were taken to the DeKalb County Jail, while the youngster was taken to the RYDC.

The Channel 2 Action News team has made contact with the authorities in order to obtain mugshots of the juveniles.

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