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5 Teens Were Arrested In Federal Way After A Robbery In Ballard While Driving A Stolen Car

5 Teens Were Arrested In Federal Way After A Robbery In Ballard While Driving A Stolen Car

5 Teens Were Arrested In Federal Way After A Robbery In Ballard While Driving A Stolen Car

After reportedly utilizing a stolen car in a robbery in Seattle’s Ballard district, five suspects under the age of 18 were detained at The Commons at Federal Way retail center on Thursday.

The 6500 block of 15th Avenue Northwest was the scene of a robbery, according to Seattle police, who received reports of a stolen car in the neighborhood.

The King County Guardian One air support helicopter, which the King County Sheriff’s Office uses to help find runaway suspects, helped officers from the North Precinct see the car as it traveled along Interstate 5 and locate the vehicle, according to the Seattle Police Department. The Federal Way Police Department and the Washington State Patrol were among the organizations that assisted in the arrest.

According to SPD public relations officer Judinna Gulpan, King County Guardian One, Federal Way, and the Washington State Patrol, all helped out. “So this was a city-wide effort to keep watching this vehicle and to be able to have a fantastic conclusion here where the suspects were able to be brought in prison,” said the man who tracked the vehicle.

All five of the suspects fled from the automobile as soon as it arrived at The Commons and fled into the shopping center, briefly putting the entire complex on lockdown. One mall employee called Sofia was present when all of this occurred and was interviewed by KIRO 7 about it. Even nevertheless, she insisted that she had seen the five suspects pass by her shop.

She claims that when they passed, the suspects looked to be wearing ski masks. “People were scurrying, yelling, and terrified. Additionally, there were yelling police officers, Sofia said.

Sofia stated, “I’m like very on edge working here just because I’m placed right in front of the entryway with everything that is occurring this year and these prior couple of years. I was quite afraid, but I kind of halted in my tracks because of my panic and had no idea what to do.

Though she expressed gratitude that authorities were able to apprehend the suspects, she claimed that she now views this type of crime as the new normal.

But now that it’s become so commonplace, Sofia explained, “we are kind of just like trained to just go through the motions.”

And some residents KIRO 7 spoke with stated they always keep their guard up because this kind of violence feels routine.

“I sense that criminal activity is escalating. Therefore, it’s crucial that you pay attention to these things and refrain from being so unaware, according to local newcomer David Lu.

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