5-year-old Youngster Shot In The Head In Manenberg, Teen Slain

5-year-old Youngster Shot In The Head In Manenberg, Teen Slain: In a shooting that happened on Saturday morning in Manenberg, Cape Town, a teenager was killed, and a 5-year-old boy was hurt.

The Manenberg Community Policing Forum (CPF) reported that unidentified individuals arrived in a car on Seine Road. They opened fire at random into the area where the guys were positioned on Thames Avenue.

Before receiving medical attention, the 17-year-old passed away from his injuries, according to police spokesperson Sergeant Wesley Twigg. The young youngster was shot in the forehead and is now in a critical state.

According to CPF chairperson Vernon Visagie, shootings are still happening nearby.

“We anticipated it. In order to tackle the issues that have arisen in our community, we have been interacting with the many stakeholders, “said he.

He Added:

This is the reality of it. We were afraid that something this tragic might happen, and it happened. We are at a loss for words now because we’ve engaged the MEC for Community Safety and the police to state that we need more resources.

A murder and attempted murder investigation have begun.

Nobody has been detained.

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