6 And 9 Year Old Child Shot After Getting Off Metrobus In Northwest DC

6 And 9 Year Old Child Shot After Getting Off Metrobus In Northwest DC: Late on Wednesday afternoon, two small children were shot as they exited a Metrobus in Northwest Washington, according to Metro Transit Police.

According to authorities, they were discovered alive and breathing at 14th and Sheridan streets in the Brightwood neighborhood. With severe wounds, they were brought to the hospital.

Robert Contee, the chief of the D.C. Police, said, “This is intolerable.” “These are two of our children who were shot as they exited a bus,” the witness said.

According to police, a second individual was shot and fled to an adjacent apartment complex. He also received significant injuries and was brought to a hospital.

A passenger was attacked by a gang of persons on a northbound 54 bus on 14th Street NW, according to police. A 6-year-old and a 9-year-old who had just gotten off the bus were hit by gunfire as the attack spilled out onto the street and one of the attackers in the gang pulled out a gun.

After the gunshot, the kids—a boy and a girl—got back on the bus, and the driver continued along 14th Street, according to authorities.

Mayor Muriel Bowser stated, “All they were doing was riding the bus coming home from school when a moron with a pistol fired it indiscriminately and shot two children.

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