6-year-old Stolen By Father, Grandmother Reunited With Mother

After being missing for a long time, a South Florida youngster was located safe and sound in Canada and has returned home to his mother’s arms.

A 6-year-old boy named Jojo Morales has been missing for two months, and police believe his father, Jorge Morales, and grandmother, Lilliam Pena Morales, may be responsible for his disappearance.

6-year-old Stolen By Father, Grandmother Reunited With Mother
6-year-old Stolen By Father, Grandmother Reunited With Mother

When Yanet Concepcion saw her kid again after being gone from him for two months, she was overcome with emotion.

They met up again at Miami International Airport on Tuesday night.

Concepcion had an overwhelming desire to embrace her boyfriend. How much I want to hear that voice again.

Someone saw Jojo and reported her to police when they saw her in a Walmart in New Brunswick, Canada, according to investigators.

To paraphrase what Concepcion said to the press, “I thanked her, ‘Thank you for saving my son’s life.

Both the boy’s parents, the father and the boy’s grandmother, were arrested by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police.

Concepcion went to pick up her kid in late August as part of a custody swap, but he wasn’t there.

A possible clue was discovered by authorities many days later, about 2,000 miles away.

They may have been in a sport utility vehicle discovered in Littleton, Maine, not far from the Canadian border, according to the Maine State Police.

After then, police did not provide any more information about any new leads they had discovered.

A year ago, Concepcion told Local 10 News that she suspected Morales was plotting their escape.

She claims Morales read up on how to survive without electricity or running water. His mother and he are both in significant legal trouble for alleged criminal acts.

At the FBI office on Wednesday morning, Jojo and his mom had their last interview.

According to Concepcion, they want to reenact Halloween and commemorate her birthday, which occurred while he was absent.

She continued by saying that it would be difficult to let him leave.

Concepcion expressed interest in locating the source so that she could personally express her gratitude.


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