6 Years Old Californian Girl Receives “Unicorn License” After Writing To The County

Due to the request of one child, the Los Angeles Department of Animal Care and Control (LADACC) in California is now issuing unicorn licenses to donors who contribute $25 or more. According to a tweet from the LADACC on December 6, a young girl called Madeline, 6, wrote to the department in November asking if she may buy a unicorn.

In a letter to the county, Madeline requested permission to keep a unicorn in her backyard if she could find one. I’d want a letter in answer, please.

In response, the LADACC sent a letter, a heart-shaped license tag, and a pre-approved unicorn license.

The LADACC added in its tweet, “And because they are indeed so uncommon to discover, we presented her the unicorn seen below as she continues her search.”

According to Los Angeles County Title 10, which specifies how stable-bound livestock should be cared for, Madeline must take care of the unicorn in accordance with the letter she received.

The LADACC informed Madeline that in addition to weekly feedings of watermelon and monthly horn polishings, she must provide her licensed unicorn with access to sunlight, moonbeams, rainbows, and biodegradable sparkles or glitter.

Director of LADACC Marcia Mayeda replied to Madeline, saying, “It is always gratifying to hear from young people who attentively contemplate the criteria of providing a caring home to animals.

The letter went on to say, “I applaud your sense of responsible pet ownership to request permission in advance to maintain a unicorn in Los Angeles County.

The Madeline’s Magical Unicorn Fund was founded by the Los Angeles County Animal Care Foundation (LACACF), a nonprofit organization created to assist the LADACC so that individuals who are inspired can obtain their own unicorn license and certificate while contributing money to help animals in need.

According to Mayeda, Madeline’s Magical Unicorn Fund was established on December 16.

We assumed people would enjoy a method to memorialize Madeline’s love for animals because we had so many letters and messages of support over the unicorn license that was granted to her, Mayeda stated in an email on December 20.

Mayeda stated that those who wish to give unicorn licenses as gifts have submitted “many requests for them,” according to the agency.

In reference to Madeline’s Magical Unicorn Fund, Mayeda commented, “So, it seemed like a nice method for individuals to personally participate in this activity, while helping the welfare of animals at our County animal care centers.”

According to the LACACF website, donors who contribute at least $25 will receive unique unicorn licenses and certificates.

A “Grooming Gives Hope” fund, a “Dreams Come True” medical fund, a behavioral training fund, an animal cruelty investigation, and prevention fund, and a spay and neuter fund are just a few of the charitable initiatives run by the LACAC.

Over 45,000 animals are allegedly cared for by the LADACC each year among its seven animal centers on a 24/7 basis.

According to Mayeda, Madeline, whose last name hasn’t been made public, has received gifts with unicorn themes ever since going big on social media.

A unicorn license ceremony was a surprise for the first-grader from Santa Clarita Valley on her seventh birthday in December, according to a story from LAist.com, a nonprofit local news organization.

After Madeline inquired about getting a unicorn as a pet, her mother Leilani reportedly urged her to submit a letter to Los Angeles officials.

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