6666 Release Date: What Is The Reason Behind Naming Yellowstone Spin-Off 6666?

Taylor Sheridan has your back if you can’t get enough cowboy stories. His Yellowstone universe is ever-expanding, so there are always more Westerns for us to see. Let’s dig deep into the 6666 Release Date.

The developer of Yellowstone is currently at work on a third new series, titled 6666, in addition to the spin-offs 1883 (which debuted last year) and 1923 (which is scheduled to debut later this year).

The show will chronicle the daily life of the cowboys who make their home and make their living on the 6666 Ranch in Texas (pronounced “Four Sixes”).

Fans of Yellowstone may recognize this ranch as the location where underperforming ranch hand Jimmy (Jefferson White) was moved in Season 4 in an effort to straighten out his behavior.

Since we spent so much time in Yellowstone, you may think that the show concept for 6666 was absorbed into Yellowstone instead of being developed as its own show on the Paramount Network.

The announcement of 6666 occurred over a year and a half ago, and yet we still know very little about it. It’s in the works, but it may be a while before we see it. With Season 5 of Yellowstone currently airing, we may soon learn more about this. Let’s dig deep into the 6666 Release Date.


6666 Release Date

6666 release date on Paramount Network and Paramount+ is scheduled for 2023. A cable release will accompany 6666’s premiere on the streaming platform, unlike 1883 and 1923.

101 CEO David Glasser issued a statement thanking Taylor, Paramount+, and MTV Entertainment Studios for their support throughout the years.

With your help, we have made Yellowstone a universe that fans all across the world may get lost in. We plan to do the same thing with these series.

Together with our world-class talent and creators, we will be presenting new characters and storylines. Looking forward to bringing these plays to life is a major priority for us.

The sequel, 1923, to 1883 is also scheduled to premiere on Paramount+ before the year is over.

6666 Cast Speculation

Not much is known about the new show’s cast at this time, although the fourth season of Yellowstone raised some fans’ hopes that they would see some old faces. Jimmy, a ranch hand from Yellowstone, spent most of the fourth season working at the 6666, where the new ranch and a few select individuals were introduced.

In particular, Jimmy and his new girlfriend Emily look like strong candidates for parts on the new program, but neither Jefferson White (Jimmy) nor Kathryn Kelly (Emily) has confirmed anything, leaving their possible appearance on 6666 open to speculation.

6666 Release DateSource: Distractify

White said to Looper, “I wish I knew” when asked about his destiny in the Yellowstone reality. “That they don’t fill me in on anything is probably not news to you. The majority of my time is spent simply trying to maintain a grip on the bucking bronco.

If I try to predict what Taylor will do, he always does something that is better, more shocking, cooler, and more intriguing than my prediction. Consequently, I’ve come to the conclusion that all I can do is try to hang on for dear life.”

Fans have hypothesized that Yellowstone may return to the 6666 ranches at some point in season five, possibly to build into the spinoff, since White, who was announced to be back for Yellowstone’s fifth season, and Kelly, who was raised to a series regular, have yet to appear in the season. Nothing definitive has been established as of yet.

Reason Behind The Name 6666

The property was supposedly won by Samuel Burnett at a card game with four sixes. On the other hand, his offspring argue that the ranch got its name because Burnett branded his first herd of cattle with the number “6666.” The correct pronunciation is “Four Sixes,” not “Six Six Six Six” or “Sixty-Six Sixty-Six.”

You might be shocked at how long it took Sheridan to realize the possibility of a good story in 6666 after learning about its actual history.

After the death of the ranch’s former owner in 2020, Sheridan made history by being the first buyer in over 150 years when he bought the Four Sixes ranch in May 2021. Founded in 1900 by rancher and oil tycoon Samuel Burnett, it spreads across three Texas counties and more than 450,000 acres.

After Burnett’s death in 1922, the ranch was given to his great-granddaughter, Anne Windfohr Marion.

Anne Windfohr Marion is so fantastic that she could have been a Taylor Sheridan character herself, and she even has her own Wikipedia article. Rancher and Burnett Oil Company board chair, her resume reads.

She is a member of the American Quarter Horse Hall of Fame and the National Cowboy and Western Heritage Museum’s Hall of Great Westerners. She also established the Georgia O’Keeffe Museum in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

She had seven different residences, including a mansion in Fort Worth and a Fifth Avenue apartment in New York, and was married four times. On multiple occasions, notably in 2006 when her fortune was estimated at $1.1 billion, she was included in Forbes’ annual list of the world’s billionaires. She sounds larger than life, therefore I hope she inspires a character in 6666.

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