7 North Texas Males Arrested for Drug Dealing From Las Colinas Motel

Officials say that seven guys from North Texas were selling drugs out of a Las Colinas motel.

On Wednesday, police nabbed Brandon Jones, Jaleel Peterson, Victor Contreras, Glenn Blair, Corey Allen, Derrick Richardson, and Antonie Thompson-Stevens. A press statement from the United States Department of Justice says that they went to federal court for the first time on Friday.

The release said that the seven men were charged with conspiring to have controlled substances with the purpose to sell them. Each defendant could spend between 5 and 40 years in federal jail if they are found guilty.

A witness told the police that the men were running a trap room, which is a place where drugs are sold, out of the Las Colinas motel.

The tweet below confirms the news:

Later, officials found a second motel room that was used for the same thing. Not much is known about whether the second trap room was also in Las Colinas.

On Wednesday, police searched the motel rooms based on a search order. The statement says that Jones and Peterson were caught when they tried to leave through a back window. Contreras, Richardson, and Thompson-Stevens were found in the rooms, and Blair was caught close.

Officials said that they found a number of illegal drugs in the rooms, as well as scales, packaging, and tools that could be used to put fentanyl into pills.

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