8 People Shot And 1 Killed At Gas Station Monday Evening In Oakland

CA – OAKLAND – At a petrol station at Seminary Avenue and MacArthur Boulevard on Monday evening, eight people were shot, according to Oakland police, and one of them died.

The shooting took place immediately before six o’clock. Mario Navarro, age 18, was the victim who was killed, according to family members at Highland Hospital.

Police were informed by some witnesses that the shooting broke out as a music video was being filmed.

On the events that preceded the shooting, there was no instant information. Police remained mum regarding any arrests or potential suspect information.

According to the police, ShotSpotter activity alerted them to the shooting. The idea that a music video was being recorded at the time of the shooting is being investigated by investigators.

OPD’s Kim Armstead stated, “Upon arrival, they identified the shooting scene, they located casings, but no victims.” “Shortly after, our communications section received word of other victims with gunshot wounds who drove themselves to nearby hospitals.”

The remaining seven gunshot victims are expected to live, according to the police.

One woman claimed that one of those who were shot was her sister. Two cars that may have taken the shooting victims to the hospital were the source of evidence gathered by investigators.

“It’s incredibly depressing and challenging, you know, but, you know, again, we’re depending on community support to assist solve this situation,” the speaker said.

Multiple gunshots were reported, potentially coming from across the street, according to police investigators.

The teen deceased, according to a relative, graduated from high school last year.

“He was not like a really horrible person, but he was extremely lovely and kind of liked music. The murder victim’s cousin Olga Navarro stated of her relative: “He was good.

Prior to this fatal shooting, Oakland police said on social media that they were looking into five homicides that have occurred so far in 2023.

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