8-year-old Girl Stabbed, Shot In North Phoenix

The police in north Phoenix are looking into a road rage incident that resulted in three injuries, including a young girl who was stabbed and then shot.

The incident occurred on Oct. 27 at 16th Street and Greenway Parkway, according to the Phoenix Police Department.

According police Sergeant Brian Bower, the incident began when two guys from different automobiles got into an argument, exited their vehicles, and began fighting in the middle of the junction.

Sgt. Bower explained that one of the adult males “grabbed a knife and stabbed the other adult guy because he suspected that something was going on further.”

The man with the knife, who, according to the police, was accompanied by a woman and a girl of eight, raced to his black automobile.

According to Sergeant Bowers, “while driving away from the incident, the adult male who was stabbed multiple times brandishes a handgun, and fires at that car as it is exiting the area.”

Towards the rear of the automobile, a gunshot hole is plain to notice. Sgt. Bower said that the 8-year-old daughter was sitting in the backseat when she was shot.

The girl, aged eight, was sent to the emergency room of a nearby hospital in serious condition. The condition of the man who was stabbed is likewise very serious. Minor wounds have been sustained by the second man.

According to police, no suspects remain at large. No names have been made public. When involved in a road rage incident, Sgt. Bower recommends calling 911 first.

“We can expect widespread exasperation. If you find yourself in a road rage situation, we recommend pulling over, parking, dialing 911, and letting the police mediate the problem “remarked Sergeant Bowers.


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