9 Teenagers Were Detained in San Clemente in Connection With the Assault of 3 Marines

Nine adolescents were arr*sted on Tuesday in connection with the att@ck on three Marines at the San Clemente Pier, according to the authorities. Two of the victims can be seen on the ground in the footage from Friday night, shielding themselves from the swarm of young people who are punching and kicking them.

It looks like the assault is over as a woman intervenes and orders the others to stop. The viral video begins with one of the Marines walking away from the crowd until one of them is punched, at which point the camera cuts to the police investigating the incident.

The marine’s reaction was to whirl around and charge the aggressor, which led to a full-on fistfight. According to a press release from the Orange County Sheriff’s Department, deputies were sent to the San Clemente Pier after receiving reports of a “large group of juveniles” attacking Marines.

The news can be confirmed by the tweet below:

When the sheriffs came, they discovered two wounded Marines. After receiving care at the site, they declined to be transported to a hospital. A more Marine, according to the authorities, was attacked.

According to the sheriff’s office, four male minors and one female juvenile were arrested after being identified as suspects in the incident. On suspicion of assault with a deadly we@pon, they were booked into Orange County Juvenile Hall. Due of their young age, we cannot disclose their identities.

The California Examiner is a must-read for everyone interested in state and local governance in the Golden State.

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