96 Additional Refugees From Texas Arrive in Nyc, 14 Hotels Become Shelters

On Saturday, two buses from Texas brought 96 illegal immigrants to New York City. Most of the passengers were young guys, but there were also a few women among them.

More than 1,500 migrants have been transported to New York City by Texas Governor Greg Abbott to bring national attention to the situation at the southern border.

This week, New York City officials reported that 14 hotels were being used to house the influx of new residents.
“Texas is filling the gaps left in Biden’s absence at our border,” Abbott posted on social media after the Saturday bus arrivals. “We have dispatched over 7,400 migrants on buses to DC and over 1,500 to NYC, and have made over 19,000 arrests and confiscated over 335.5 million fatal fentanyl tablets. Texas takes charge as Biden does nothing to address the crisis.”


Abbott’s supporters argue that his bus program would finally make liberal cities and governments face the reality of widespread illegal immigration.

The capitals of New York and America, respectively, have declared themselves “sanctuary cities.”

The buses have been called a “cheap grab for attention” by detractors.

“He’s weaponizing asylum seekers,” Manuel Castro, commissioner of the New York City Mayor’s Office of Immigrant Affairs, stated. The use of people for political gain is despicable, and we have an ethical duty to speak out against it.
And Castro wasn’t the only one in Mayor Eric Adams’s office to criticize Abbott. Brad Lander, the city’s comptroller, called Abbott’s behavior “inhumane” and “disgusting.”

Lander claimed that the city’s limited resources are being overexerted by the demands of providing basic necessities like food, clothing, and legal representation.
Because the city’s shelter system is “right up at its limit,” officials are considering renting out hotel space and increasing capacity.